Policy Review

Be sure your coverage is adequate to avoid being under or over-insured.

How It Works

  1. If we have written the policy in question, simply give us a call or schedule an appointment and we’d be happy to help right away! If the policy you’d like reviewed was not written by us, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Simply print this form, complete the top portion, and either fax (866) 276-5574, or scan & email it back to us.
  3. Questions while filling the form out? Give us a call at (805) 210-8058 and ask for Eddie.
  4. Once we receive your Authorization form, we ask for up to 2 weeks to hear back from your carrier.
  5. We will contact you as soon as we have the policy information back from your carrier to advise you on the status of your policy, and to see how it fits with your current situation! We have found that in many cases, policies should be adjusted year to year to ensure the most ideal coverage for our clients.

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