Do I Need Supplemental Health Insurance?

Supplemental health insurance, simply put, is additional insurance that you are able to purchase that will help pay for services and other out-of-pocket expenses that your regular insurance will not cover. Some of the supplemental plans pay for out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, copayments, or loss of income. To better answer your question, there’s a little more to consider. Do you travel often? Is

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Do Newlyweds Need Life Insurance?

In a word… YES. Newlywed Life Insurance is extremely underrated.   Let me set the scene for you. Getting married is an exciting time for a couple, as it should be. Of course, with all the excitement, come some big decisions to make: Where to get married? How many people to invite? Who will cater the reception? These are big decisions, surely,

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Is your Mortgage safe?

Food, water and shelter. These are 3 of our most basic and essential needs… yet very few of us have ensured that the last on that list, our home, would still be there for our family if something were to happen to us. As of 2014, 68% of those who own homes have not paid off their mortgages… so let’s

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Can you afford to wait on a Long Term Care policy?

The short answer: no. See that picture above? That’s Rob. He didn’t buy a long term care policy. And unfortunately that bench isn’t on the property of a rustic Private Nursing Home. See, Rob’s family was able to cover his long-term care costs… for a few years anyway. But after 3 years they had spent almost $200,000 – and wiped out the majority of their

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Why is the Vitality Program giving away Fitbits?

If you haven’t heard the words Fitbit or Apple Watch recently, well, then this isn’t the article for you and we recommend you stay tuned for a future article on annual hearing testing coming soon. We’ll keep this one short and sweet. Insurance carriers are realizing that policy holders that are active are more likely to live longer than their sedentary

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What is the best insurance for a single mom?

First off… Congratulations on being here. This means you truly care as a parent. It also means that you’re incredibly strong… so take a second to pat yourself on the back. Ok- that’s enough! You’re here because protecting your child or children is important, as it should be. Here we’ll cover the best insurance for a single mom: 2 types

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